Why Alaska Option

The best value for ATM/debit services


Alaska Option developed one of the first shared ATM networks in the country and has been providing a wide range of EFT services for over two decades.  Consistently ranked among the top national POS networks in terms of PIN-based volume, Alaska Option pioneered one of the most successful regional systems in the nation.

For over a quarter century, Alaska Option has provided value, flexibility, and demonstrated commitment to customers everywhere.


  • Programs are flexible and affordable.
  • Fees are simple, straightforward, and easy to understand.
  • Standard services include many extras that are billable by other companies.


  • Programs are scalable to meet your needs.
  • The Network caters to financial institutions of all sizes.
  • Guidelines for card/machine identification and surcharging are flexible.


  • Experienced staff offer personalized customer support.
  • 24/7 availability for trouble-shooting and customer support.
  • Regular system upgrades and communication redundancy ensure uptime.

It's easy for Alaska Option to design an ATM/debit program unique to you.  From ATM driving to card personalization, Alaska Option offers a complete set of services.  Pick and choose only what you need, or take advantage of all the choices.